Space analysis

Writer, please choose any space(publick, private, intermediat)in Switzerland, which you will analysis for this Project. I will upload a PowerPoint Presentation and word document to make it more clear.
Project Overview:
This assessment is an empirical study of a space chosen by the student. The analysis of the chosen
space is undertaken using relevant theoretical concepts and should focus on the nature of the chosen
spaces, the relationships it accommodates and what this space symbolises.
Overall aim:
The assessment consists of an individual case study of a specific type of space chosen and experienced
by the student. The case study should include a theoretical part and an empirical part. The chosen
space should be easily available for the student to visit and collect data on.
The theoretical part of the study is made of concepts and theories relevant to the space to analyse
(min. 8 !academic! sources should be used).
The empirical part includes an analysis of the chosen space using the concepts presented in the
theoretical part.
Seven aspects have to be covered in the case study:
– A detailed spatial description of the space and its nature (incl. text & pictures)
– An introduction to the theoretical concepts selected for the study
– An analysis of what the space represents and symbolises
– An analysis of the movements and relationships this space accommodates, creates and/or
– A micro-analysis of the ergonomics of a detail found in the chosen space
– 3 concrete and documented recommendations on how to improve the chosen space
– A reflection on the relevancy and applicability of the theoretical concepts used to analyse the space
and on the limitations encountered during the analysis
Learning outcomes:
1. Determine the types of relationships that exist in a built environment and their
respective roles and importance.
2. Analyse the impact of the environment on human beings in different contexts.
3. Identify problems and issues that could occur in human-
environment interactions.
4. Reflect on theories and concepts in relation to their empirical applications
Special instructions:
Claims and assertions should be supported by evidences.
The referred material should be integrated into your sentences.
Avoid long quotations and paraphrase instead.
Provide pictures about chosen space.
Table of contents:
Into-study background
Description of the space
Method(observation grid)
Data presentation (what has been observed)


Space analysis
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