Switzerland: The perception Versus The Reality

Require to identify a common stereotype about your country and to explain why it is incorrect. I advise you to use Laurent Dubois’s Haiti: the Aftershocks of Revolution as a model for how to correct widely held misconceptions.
1 First, you must identify a stereotype or other misperception and provide examples of it.
For example. in his introductory chapter, Dubois opens with Victor Cochinat’s disdainful account of Haiti, then moves onto contemporary examples, such as Pat Robertson’s expressed belief that the bois Caiman ceremony was an act of devil worship
2. Once you have established that there is indeed a popular misconception about something your next task will be to correct the record. After demonstrating the stereotypical view of Haitians as lazy, strange, Voudou practitioners, for instance, Dubois corrects the record with his thesis statement, (4), wherein he argues that real causes of Haiti’s current troubles have to do with its unique history as the only nation in the world to have been founded after a successful slave revolt.
You might be wondering,”How do I find popular misconceptions?” You can start by contrasting what you thought you knew about your country with what you’ve learned about it since. You can also talk to people. Ask people you know what their impressions are of the country you chose to write about. Do any patterns emerge? Perhaps you know someone who knows a lot about your country. Such a person might even serve as a source for you(see the Everyway writer for how to cite persona interviews). Finally, you can always use search terms such as “stereotypes” or “misperceptions” in your online database inquiries.
To contrast the perception with the reality, you will need to conduct research. You may use any of the articles that you have already uncovered as you put together your annotated bibliography, but you will also need to include at least three new sources. Altogether, you should have at least five sources(books, journal essays, news articles, academic databases)



Switzerland: The perception Versus The Reality
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