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Tatum Allbaugh

When I was a child, I did not see a lot of diversity growing up, especially being in a smaller town. As I was exposed to more people and experiences, my cultural perspective grew. Specifically thinking about my childhood compared to now, I feel like a major part of my culture that I was used to was what kind of family I grew up in. By this, I mean I came from a blended family, which is the blending of children from previous relationships of the wife, husband, or both (Andrews, Boyle, & Collins, 2020). I grew up with my parents not together due to my mom being a teen parent. I remember thinking lots of people went through this similar experience. I remember having to go to my dad’s every other weekend and wanting to spend more time with him as I got older. I didn’t understand why there was so much separation. I realized there was more to families than this when I outgrew my innocence and started learning more about life and the world around me. It has been seen that divorce, remarriage, and cohabitation are on the rise in the U.S (Pew Research Center, 2015). This has led to a difference in what used to be seen as the typical family structure. As I got older, I noticed more of my friends’ parents and even my friends themselves, having their own blended families or “non-traditional” family structures. The United States has not only been diverse ethically but regarding families, there is diversity here as well. Everyone is so used to a family also being a wife, husband, and children, but anyone can be a family. Many things in our society that used to be the norm are now completely different.

I can use this information in my nursing practice by being more aware of families and not assuming. One time I made a comment to my patient asking him how long he and his wife had been together, assuming they were married. Of course, he said “Oh no that’s my niece!”, which completely made me embarrassed, but we ended up laughing over it. Many people would laugh over this, but others may be insulted by it, and could cause tension. I have learned to word what I am saying differently and not assume. From my own personal experiences, I am more aware of what makes a family and am more aware of the different structures of families.



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