Leadership Research

provides an opportunity to conduct a thorough investigation on a subject area of your choice (related to a Leadership Problem/Issue) and propose a solution on that issue.  Leadership Project will include the following components/categories: Leadership Problem/Issue Statement Highlights of your


  Review the animations and videos listed in the assignment. Don’t forget to select the book tab at the top of each animation for extra information about the topic being covered in Week 1 or 2. Once you have reviewed

reading help

There are specific guidelines for what to include in this discussion: “Predict, explain, summarize, evaluate.” That means you should make a prediction on the themes, readings, or make a reading connection to our course goals or another outside issue that


What is the name of the company you chose? A company’s mission is a statement that explains the purpose for the company’s existence. Based on the information provided in the case study, what is the mission of your chosen company?

Family Matters

Read the case study, “Family Matters.” After reading the case study, address the questions and prompts below.  What is the most immediate problem for Larry Cohen, the president of Accurate Perforating? Describe Accurate Perforating’s current business model. Describe a new

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