Toolkit for Public Management

General description
This is a core topic in the Master of Public Administration programme and may be taken as an elective by other students. The topic aims to equip students with knowledge, theories and practices that they can apply to their own participation in public sector organisations, both as individuals and as managers.
The topic is divided into two modules.
The first focusses on organisational behaviour and the participation of individuals within organisations. It aims to give students new insights into the behaviour of organisations and the individuals within them. It invites students to examine their personal participation in organisations – their motivations, means of learning, participation in groups. At the completion of this model, students should have a strong theoretical but practical framework they can apply to the issues which arise from participating in organisations.
The second module considers some general theories of managing. It aims to assist students already working in supervisory roles and to prepare other students for taking on management positions. It covers some selected theories applicable to public and private organisations. There is also a section on incompetent military leadership as there is much for intending managers to learn from seeing poor leadership applied in grave circumstances.
This module then addresses the specific challenges of managing in public sector organisations. It draws upon the model developed at the Kennedy School of Government. It also includes a practical dimension in the form of presentations from, and discussion with, leaders from the South Australian public sector.
The topic is available in class form and online. All students will have access to FLO where I will be posting lecture notes, class exercises and additional readings. Public sector management
Students will be given three case studies and asked to assess one of them on the basis of the management style used and the contribution (or lack of it) that the manager made to adding public value. This assignment is a significant piece of work requiring students to apply Moore’s theories of “Creating Public Value”. Each of the three cases comes with a series of questions from me to help guide students in the application of these theories. These questions are attached to this outline. This assignment can be done by students individually or in small groups. Maximum length for an assignment done individually is 3,000 words. The maximum length for groups will be advised at the time and will depend on the size of each group
Melbourne 2 am lockout
• What are the issues? How would you frame them?
• What are the mandates?
• Is there sufficient justification for intervening?
• What process would you have used to develop and implement the policy options?
• Using Moore’s “alternative approach”, how would you have developed the mandates further?
• If you had to implement the preferred option of a 2 am lockout, what strategies and tactics would you have employed?
• What is the public value you are looking to deliver?
• What would you do to contain costs, particularly the costs of using political authority?



Toolkit for Public Management
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