Training trends and Issues

1. Research the current trends in training and development and the implications for the training and development practitioner. The syllabus contains a list of training and development resources that are available through the Franklin University library.
2. Write a 3- to 5- page paper that analyzes three trends that you identified in your research. Discuss the implications that the trend has on the training and development practitioner, including such things as salaries, training methods, development programs, etc. Format the paper according to the HRM Paper Guidelines. Include a reference list that includes at least 3 to 4 professional or scholarly resources in addition to your textbook.
3. Submit your paper to Your professor will provide the necessary access information so you can upload your paper to the class assignment site.
4. Read the Originality Report you receive from and make any modifications as needed to your business brief. This may include adding proper citations or better paraphrasing.
5. Post a summary of one of your identified trends to the discussion topic, “Trends in Training and Development” . If possible, post a trend that has not already been posted.
Participate in a discussion on the trends by posting questions about the trends and their implications to the practitioner.



Training trends and Issues
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