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In a society where diversity and inclusion are critical, we can all benefit from understanding some of the similarities shared by the people with whom we work and live. This assignment allows you to explain some commonalities found in different religions and provide examples of situations to describe the nature, history, and reason of religion.

Consider the various religious traditions described in this week’s readings and the examples of practices and beliefs within those religions.

Prepare a 12- to 15-slide presentation using Microsoft PowerPoint or another presentation format that addresses the following questions. Use bullet points and images or graphics to illustrate your main points.

What is essential in the practices and beliefs for a tradition to be called a religion? Illustrate your points by referring to the commonalities of at least 2 religions.
What is the history and origin/catalyst of each of the 2 religions you chose?
How do religions evolve and spread? 
What does practicing religion provide to its followers? Provide at least 2 examples.
What are some contemporary challenges and issues facing various religions? Provide at least 2 examples.


Understanding Religion