Complete the following on the Data tab of the Pastas R Us data file: 

  • Calculate “Annual Sales” for each restaurant. Annual Sales is the result of multiplying a restaurant’s “SqFt.” by “Sales/SqFt.” The first value has been provided for you. 
  • Calculate the mean, standard deviation, skew, 5-number summary, and interquartile range (IQR) for each of the variables. The formulas and the first results have been provided for you. 
  • Create a boxplot (sometimes referred to as a box and whisker chart) for the “Annual Sales” variable. 
  • Create a histogram for the “Sales/SqFt” variable. 

Respond to the following questions on the Questions tab of the Pastas R Us data file: 

  • Does the annual sales boxplot look symmetric? 
  • Would you prefer the IQR instead of the standard deviation to describe the dispersion of the annual sales variable? If so, why? 
  • Does the histogram show that the sales per square foot distribution is symmetric? 
  • If the sales per square foot distribution is not symmetric, what is the skew? 
  • If there are any outliers, which one(s)? What is the “SqFt” area of the outlier(s)?
  • Is the outlier(s) smaller or larger than the average restaurant in the data? What can you conclude from this observation? 
  • What measure of central tendency may be more appropriate to describe “Sales/SqFt”? Why? 

Submit your assignment.


Week 1/ Pastas R Us
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