who change us


Background: In the article, ?The taxi driver?, Thomas Friedman writes? ?technology is dividing us as much as uniting us. Yes, Technology can make the far feel near. But It can also make the near feel very far.?
Directions: Present an argument that supports, rejects, or modifies Firedman?s opinion. Support your own response with a clearly presented and thoroughly developed argument, including appropriate and effective use of our class reading material as well as your own observations and knowledge of the world.
Important: in this essay you are not debating whether or not the internet and digital technology are good or bad. There is no doubt that the computer as a means of communication is one of the most vital modern developments, and while it will continue to evolve, it is here to stay. What this essay should focus on is your argument about how digital technology affects our relationships with others-not just friends and family, but also strangers, communities, society, and the world at large.
Essay requirements:
1. Paraphrase Friedman?s statement in your introduction to give a context for your argument.
2. Focus your essay on a thesis that clearly states your opinion about technology and connectivity.
3. Demonstrate clear paragraph focus/development and effective organization in the essay.
4. Support your thesis with textual evidence and analysis.
5. Synthesize information from the assigned texts
6. Use counter-argument at least once to strengthen your position.
7. Use at least two sources from our material reading list
a.?How ordinary Chinese Are talking and fighting back? by Frank Langfitt (2012)
b. ?Social Connections? by Steven Johnson
c.? The Mobile Bystander? by Dominic Basulto(2012)
d. ?From Arab Spring to Autumn Rage: The Dark Power of Social Media? By Andrew Lam



who change us
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