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Professor Diane Roberts

6:51 AM

Welcome to Managing in a Changing Environment. Management 526 introduces us to the concepts of planning, organizing, leading and controlling. “This course covers the skills and techniques managers need to provide leadership and direction within a changing organizational environment.”(University of Phoenix, 2021, para. 1) Peter Drucker stated that management techniques today are downsizing, outsourcing, total quality management, economic value analysis and benchmarking. (1994,para. 1)

The practice of management refers to the actual ways in which managers work. Application refers to reflection and adoption of behaviors, applying theory and applying the practices of the management profession. The best theories, models and plans dont come to fruition without appropriate application. Without the theories to structure intentions, ones actions may lose direction. As noted in the Harvard Business Review Functions must be clear choices that set the company apart in the marketplace (Martin & Riel, 2019. p.107). 

Management is concerned with results. Managers want to see outcomes from the objective and strategies. Organizational structures that is efficient and conducive to work. Management wants factual analysis and the ability to communicate clearly. The controls need to be efficient and effective. The leadership must have vision to carry the business forward.

Now, how do the functions of Management serve the customers? These functions serve by hiring the right people the first time. The Human Resources Department works hand in hand with the managers to find the right fit for the position. Employees want to work for a company that is moving forward not one that is fragmented. Many companies struggle to recruit and retain talent and the costs to rehire can be daunting especially for small business. This puts enormous pressure on management to find the right people (Martin & Riel, 2019).

It has been my experience that many managers will possess skills in some of the functions of management but not necessarily all of them. Some managers are specialists in their field of knowledge and can inspire employees in their jobs but do not have the skills to lead them on a day to day basis. The ability to communicate effectively is an attribute that all managers should possess. Thoughts anyone?


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Wk 1, MGT 526: DR 2