Topic: – Inflation: have we reached the peak?


  1. Description of the research topic, including summary of relevant facts and data
  • Expected length: (~300 words)
  • Describe current context:
  • How is the inflation situation in different countries/ geographical areas (should we focus mainly on US & EU only? etc.)
  • What action/policies governments (FED,…) have taken?
  • At the end of this part, raise topic question: has inflation reach the peak?


  1. Identification of main issues/challenges, including potentially secondary issues
  • Expected length: (~700 words):
  • Overall ideas:
  • Talk about main issues that lead to rising inflation (1): War, Supply chain disruption, Covid pandemic…

+ This is to answer the question “Why do we think inflation has/hasn’t reached the peak?”

  • Secondary issues: What other factors could worsen the inflation?

Except from the above main issues (1), what other factors that we think could contribute to the rising of inflation, or if any of the above issues (1) could still even get worse that continue impacting to the inflation?


  1. Evaluation and analysis, supported with concepts described throughout the module and your own research
  • Expected length: ~1500 words
  • Deep dive into evaluate how worse the above factors in part 2 can be:
  • Can policies from Government (US & EU) restrain the rapid increasing inflation or how could these policies impact to current economy.
  • Make a conclusion whether inflation could continue to rise higher or not.


  1. Formulation of a recommendation consistent with key issues and alternatives.
  • Expected length: ~500 words
  • In this part, we can make some recommendations to countries/ companies: how/what strategy they should prepare in response to future inflation situation to overcome the challenges, …